What Is A Hair Transplant

With a number of cosmetic-surgical procedures that have become more accessible and affordable, having an appearance you have always longed for is now in your reach. Due to the fact that male-pattern baldness is one of the main aspects men would change about their appearance, it comes as no surprise that hair transplants have become such a popular procedure.

Below we have outlined some information on what hair restoration surgery is, how the procedure is done, and what is best practice when looking for a surgeon.

Hair transplants are described as a type of surgical procedure that involves re-establishing growing hair to areas that are bald. This type of surgery is popularly used in order to combat male-pattern baldness and is also used for hair loss caused from scarring.

During the hair restoration procedure, hair follicles are collected from an area that has bald-resistant, healthy hair. These follicles are then transplanted into the bald area. The area used to collect these follicles is usually taken from the back part of the head. This process involves removing a strip of the skin that contains these hairs. The scar left behind is often hidden by the creases on the scalp or from the regrowth from the surrounding hair.

The strip of skin is then divided into tiny pieces and then re-grafted onto the bald area. Today, more advanced procedures known as ‘follicular unit transplantation’ (FUT) involves taking out individual hair follicles as opposed to the strip. These follicles are removed with glands and their blood supply and then individually grafted on the bald areas.

This specific method does away with the substantial scarring used in older methods as well as offering a more natural and authentic growing pattern. Hair transplant surgery is conducted under a local anesthetic and around 2,500 hair follicles can be re-established in one session.

Hair Restoration Procedure Drawbacks

In all cases, hair transplants may not be able to give the fullness of hair that once existed before the balding occurred. However, the improvement from such a procedure may be able to offer you results that are substantial enough to improve the way you feel about your appearance. It should be noted that hair transplants do not have the same effect on everyone. In some cases the re-established hair follicles will not take which will result in no improvements for hair coverage.

Finding A Good Surgeon

It is very important when deciding to go ahead with hair transplant surgery that you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon. Below are some tips to consider when making this choice.

doctor for hair restoration

Read Up On Testimonials

One of the best ways to gain a bit of insight on good surgeons is to read up on the experiences of other individuals who have recently undergone a hair transplant procedure. These testimonials can reassure you of your decision to undertake hair restoration surgery, whilst also making it an informed one.

Choose The Procedure That Is Right For You

Discuss all your options with your surgeon before deciding on the procedure that will suit your budget and your needs. A qualified surgeon will be able to give you honest advice on whether this type of surgery can work for you.

How We Can Help

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