Who or what is Hair Transplant HQ?

We are a directory that helps people like you get on the path to becoming a truly happy and self-confident person. We link people to a highly qualified hair transplant surgeon in their city so that they encounter the least resistance on their journey to ending baldness.

A simple Google search for ‘hair transplant + your city’ will give you an endless result of clinics all over town offering hair restoration surgery. We sift through the various practises to find a surgeon that is not only highly reputable with positive testimonials, but also affordable.

hair loss man

When you scroll through our directory, you will see all the states in the US, followed by cities in those states. You simply click the state and city you live in, and you will be directed to the website of a hair replacement surgeon near you. Please note that we are constantly building our database of clinics, therefore some states/cities may not have surgeries. Be sure to check back regularly as we are constantly building our database!

We are on all the major social media platforms – you can like us on Facebook, and also check out our Twitter page to be up to date when a new clinic is added to the directory!

If you’re ready to end your hair loss…