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Hair problems are due to stress or biological changes in your body. Whatever the reason, hair loss always causes further stress and if the extent of the hair loss leads to balding, it can have an impact on your self-confidence and the way you look at yourself. Some take it in stride, but for those who don’t, ample options are available to reclaim your lost hair. Hair restoration surgery is one such option that is becoming increasingly popular and widely implemented with the passage of time. Next time you’re walking across St. John’s Bridge, or sipping on wine with your significant other in the Willamette Valley, you will be doing so with a full head of youthful hair!

Here is a detailed overview of what a hair replacement procedure is and how it is done.


Pre-procedure includes taking photographs and documenting the extent of hair loss before the procedure. It is used to identify the areas of thinning and the areas to be treated. Using a surgical pen, the hair transplant surgeon will finalize the treatment areas and hairline location and shape. Then the donor area is prepared and the clinical team trims the hair in the donor area. This is done only after applying anesthesia. After this, a strip of hair from the demarcated donor area is removed and the donor area is sutured.

Pre Procedure Doctor

Preparation of the follicular units

Right after the donor tissue is removed, the follicular units are prepared for placement. The patient can be awake and can read, relax or watch television during this process. While the doctor or the clinical staff prepares the follicles, you can even walk around until the next stage of your hair restoration procedure. Meanwhile, the donor strips will be neatly grouped into ‘units’. Each unit generally consists of one, two or three hair follicles.

Creating the recipient sites

Once the follicles are ready, you will be given anesthesia for the next step in the procedure. This is generally in the recipient area. Incisions are made in the scalp for each follicular unit to be placed. The angle, placement and the depth of each unit is very important to make the transplant look natural. This is where the artistic sensitivity of the doctor is put to test! Natural looking hairlines and beautiful finishing also marks the clinical expertise of the doctor. One by one, the follicular units are placed and the recipient sites are built from scratch.



Avoiding scarring

Despite cutting edge technology, most people are afraid of getting hair restoration surgery because of scars associated with traditional methods applied by many surgeons. Conventional methods leave a scar where the initial hair is extracted – the donor region – which is visible when you shave or have your hair cut short. This is what makes the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure the most sought-after among people worried about scarring. In the traditional follicular unit (FU) hair transplant procedure, there is a small linear scar left in the region of hair extraction. If the patient later shaves his or her hair the scar will be visible. But this is not always the case with FUE because every follicle is single handedly extracted leaving the entire donor area being virtually scar-less. Alongside this, there are several benefits associated with this method. With conventional methods, strip harvesting usually produces a linear scar, which is a distressing concern among people who are fond of keeping shorter hair hairstyles. But with follicular unit extraction, before and after the transplant procedure, you do not have to worry of any scaring and can have any hairstyle desired.

A positive result

Overall, after the procedure, a light, natural and aesthetically pleasing hairline is created. It is clear that hair restoration procedures in Portland bring about a lot of change not only in your looks, but also in the way you perceive yourself. It boosts confidence and raises self-esteem. Making changes to your persona is quite easy these days with all the modern day advanced technology available. Hair replacement gives you those aesthetically appealing looks, and will have you people watching in the Pearl District with confidence in no time!

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